Unforgettable is a science-fiction thriller:

Out of sight, out of mind. Due to a fluke of quantum mechanics, no one can remember Nat Morgan for more than a minute after he’s gone. It’s a useful ability for his career as a CIA agent, even if he has to keep reminding his boss that he exists. But Nat leads a lonely life, unable to connect with anyone for a lasting relationship, until he gets handcuffed to Yelena Semyonova, a thief working for the Russian mob. Nat and Yelena must work together to stop a ruthless billionaire from finishing a quantum supercomputer that will literally control the fate of the world.

The ebook is no longer available for reasons explained here. Update: Unforgettable was released by Baen Books on January 5, 2016, and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, BookDepository, and IndieBound.

Unforgettable E-book
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