My panel schedule for Salt Lake Comic Con 2013

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I’ll be a panelist at the first Salt Lake Comic Con, September 5-7 (Thursday-Saturday).  It’s kind of a thrill to be on a guest list that includes William Shatner, among many others.

My panels are:


  • Paradoxes: The Trouble with Time Travel – 3:00pm
    Daryn Tufts, James Wymore, Eric James Stone, Tom Durham, Peter J. Wacks
  • Ender’s Game: 30 Years of the Book and Comics to the Big Screen – 6:00pm
    Jake Black, David Farland, Brian Wiser, Eric James Stone, Aaron Johnston, Mettie Ivie Harrison


  • Internet & Social Media Tools for Writers & Artists – 3:00pm
    Howard Tayler, Heather Ostler, Michaelbrent Collings, Eric James Stone, Warky T. Chocoba
  • How to Win Writers & Illustrator’s of the Future Contests – 5:00pm
    David Farland, Brad Torgerson, Eric James Stone, Brian Hailes
  • The Anatomy of Writing a Great Fight Scene/Action Sequence – 8:00pm
    John Steiner, Larry Correia, Eric James Stone, Brad Torgerson, Brandon Mull


  • From Ripley to Buffy to Katniss: A Look at the Strong Female Protagonist – 11:00am
    Dani Dixon, Eric James Stone, Peter J. Wacks, John Steiner, Lisa Mangum, Mette Ivie Harrison
  • How to Write Great Fantasy – 12:00pm
    Larry Correia, Eric James Stone, Brandon Mull, Rhiannon Paille, ML Forman
  • Genre Bending: When Should and Shouldn’t Rules be Broken – 1:00pm
    Bryan Young, Dan Willis, Eric James Stone, Larry Correia, Mettie Ivie Harrison
  • Choose Your Own Apocalypse (Zombies vs. Robots vs. Aliens) – 8:00pm
    James Wymore, Eric James Stone, Larry Correia, Carter Reid, John W. Morehead

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