“Cui Bono?” published in The Urban Green Man

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The Urban Green Man: An Archetype of Renewal from Hades Publications.

Here’s how the story begins:

When people ask me what I do, I usually lie and say I’m an insurance salesman.  If that doesn’t send them scurrying for another subject, I have a whole spiel about how they could save money by switching.  I even have business cards.  In the rare case someone actually calls me, I quote an outrageous price and I never hear from them again.

If I’m more inclined to tell the truth, I say I’m a private investigator.  People tend to find that a lot more interesting than insurance salesman.  If they ask for details, I tell them it’s mostly insurance fraud and divorce cases, pretty routine stuff. What I don’t tell them is that it would be more accurate to replace the word private with paranormal, and that my cases generally involve supernatural beings.

It’s still mostly insurance fraud and divorce cases.  You wouldn’t believe how many business fires are started by strapped-for-cash owners summoning fire elementals, or the number of old geezers who are tricked into marrying succubi.  So when a man and woman walked through my door wanting to find a missing person, it was a welcome break in the monotony.

My story “Cui Bono?” is now available in the anthology If you want to read the rest, buy the book, which is currently 10% off at Amazon.com.  Here’s what else you’ll find in the anthology:


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