“By the Hands of Juan Perón” coming in DSF

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My short story “By the Hands of Juan Perón” will be published by Daily Science Fiction on Friday, which in practice means it probably will be emailed to subscribers Thursday evening. If you don’t already subscribe, go sign up for free here.  Otherwise, you’ll need to wait a week before it shows up on the website.

To whet your appetite, here’s how the story starts:

In 1987 someone broke into the tomb of Argentine dictator Juan Perón and removed the hands from his corpse. An unknown group subsequently demanded eight million dollars in ransom for the hands. Despite an extensive investigation by the Argentine government, the culprits were never identified. As for Perón’s hands, they remain missing to this day–in this timeline.

Of all my stories, this is the one that most reflects my Argentine heritage.

P.S. It is not a coincidence that the story will be published on July 26, the 61st anniversary of the death of Eva Perón–in this timeline.

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