My first mystery story publication

Published on June 5, 2013 by

I’ve had many science fiction and fantasy stories published.  Some have had mystery elements to them.  But “Wouldn’t Be Much,” in the June issue of Crimson Fog magazine, is my first plain mystery story — no science fiction or fantasy involved.

But it does involve magic.

Crimson Fog uses a Flash-based reading application that makes it look like you’re reading in a paper magazine, so they can do some really interesting things with layout.  It also means I can embed the issue here, so you can read the story my clicking on the cover below. (If you’re reading on a device that doesn’t support Flash, like an iPhone or iPad, try this link.)

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One comment on “My first mystery story publication”

  1. Adam G. says:

    Like all the best mysteries, this story has the beauty, inevitability, and unexpectednes of a geometric proof.