Tweets for the week of 05-04-2013

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  1. Dave Bennett says:

    Hey Eric,
    I just watch your ring ceremony and helicopter departure videos. I have to say you guys managed the most impressive wedding I have ever seen. From the invitation to the ring ceremony, to the helicopter out; well done!

    It also brought back some nostalgia for me since, my oldest would have been graduating from AF High this year if we hadn’t moved five years ago. We went to a large number of events at AF High in the nearly ten years I lived in AF. The author community in Utah valley and SLC are things I have missed greatly since my move to Kansas.

    As one who also married later than the norm, I’d say from what I can see that you have truly started right and that you are likely to continue on to to your quest for global domination if you can put as much care into your lives together as you have already shown in your coming together.

    Best wishes,