A plea to some of my fellow conservatives and Republicans

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Please stop obsessing about Obama’s birth certificate.  By sounding like paranoid conspiracy nuts, you make it that much harder for conservative Republicans to get elected in places where the support of independents is the key to victory, which in turn makes it harder to get conservative policies enacted.

Obama’s birthplace is not the problem. Suppose he had been born on the fourth of July on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with a hundred thousand Republican witnesses with cameras.  Would you then support Obama’s incorrect policies?  Of course not.  The problem is the things he’s doing wrong.

And people on the right obsessing about his birthplace just makes it easier for the left to win.

Just drop it. Please. Focus on what really matters, which is policy.

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11 comments on “A plea to some of my fellow conservatives and Republicans”

  1. Scott D says:

    Very well put! Thank you.

  2. Nihonjoe says:

    No kidding. He was born in the United States, and this has been proven multiple times. Focusing on the _real_ issues is definitely the way to go.

  3. Justin, best-case scenario for the the conspiracy theorists who think Obama is ineligible for the Presidency: Unlikely as it is, proof comes out that Obama was not a natural born citizen. The result is President Joe Biden. What a tremendous victory for conservatives that would be! And it would open up the Democratic side to a Hillary Clinton candidacy — and she happens to be more popular than Obama right now, so it makes Republican victory in 2012 less likely.

    And speaking of Hillary Clinton, she’s absolutely the best argument against the idea that there’s proof out there that Obama is not a natural born citizen. Can you believe for even one second that the Clinton campaign would not have used that proof to knock Obama out in the Democratic primary?

    If you must believe in a conspiracy regarding Obama’s birth certificate, the most credible one is that he’s deliberately not releasing it in order to cause conservatives to go nuts about it and turn off independent voters.

  4. Justin Case says:

    I seek the truth. Let the consequences follow. The Certificate of Live Birth vs Birth Certificate debate is a valid one. Obama can put this to rest or keep this going, his choice. The Lord caused the Constitution to be established for a reason, most conservatives and republicans that I know of have proven to me time and again the Constitution is only to be followed if it fits in their agenda, however there are some people like myself who like to see the Constitution obeyed at any cost. The Lord took great care in seeing the Constitution to come about and I see it my duty to see fight to have it remain in effect.

  5. Justin Case says:

    The duty is ours, the results are God’s. We must keep the Lord’s laws (including the Constitution) if we expect any kind of liberty in this land (2 Nephi 1:7)


  6. Justin Case says:

    Why Obama is ineligible regardless of his birthplace
    By Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.

    4 Supreme Court Cases define “natural born citizen”

    by John Charlton



  7. Justin,

    I’ve seen all the arguments before. They’re nonsense; at best, they’re the product of minds too focused on beating Obama to think clearly. At worst, they’re deliberate demagoguery by people who know they are distorting the truth.

    National Review, the flagship publication of the conservative movement, published an very commonsensical editorial that should be read by anybody who is caught up in the “birther” movement:

    Please stop wasting your time, energy, and even money (if you’re buying books by people trying to take advantage of the controversy).

    Seriously, think about the fact that if there really was something to this, Hillary Clinton’s campaign would have been all over it. Do you really think they helped cover up Obama’s ineligibility out of the goodness of their liberal hearts?

  8. Justin Case says:

    Yes, I remember when that article was first published.

    At this point in the comments I do not think you or I are going to see eye to eye on this subject, I am at peace with that. There are questions in my mind concerning a whole host of topics and this is just one.

    I do want you to know that I understand your views and why you think people like me are hurting the republican vote. I too have heard views like yours countless times. I am no threat, I have never voted for a republican or democrat. I vote for people who have a love and devotion to the Constitution and that have the same understanding I do concerning it. Most of the time I have to write in on the ballot the people that share my principles that I hold dear, I will be held accountable for every vote I cast and I want my conscience to be clear, so far it still is. Growing up I made up my mind I was not going to vote for evil or the lesser of the two either. People have argued to me I am only voting for the greater of two evils if I vote for people whose names are not printed on the ballot or if their names are on the ballot they are still not a popular choice. I am not persuaded by what in their mind is a very commonsensical logic.
    I need to get to work. Take care Eric
    Be Well

    H. VERLAN ANDERSEN, a LDS General Authority wrote a wonderful little book on the proper role of government and our extremely important political duty, you may enjoy looking it over in your spare time.
    Here is the link:


  9. Thanks, Jake. I’d seen someone say something on Twitter about it, but I hadn’t yet gotten to a link to the information.

    The release of the long form birth certificate doesn’t settle the issue of Obama’s citizenship for me because it was already settled, as far as I was concerned. I hope this will convince more people to step away from the conspiracy theories, but my feeling is that for too many, it will merely spawn new ones.