Something Google Doesn’t Know

Published on April 7, 2011 by

I may be the first person to put this bit of entertainment trivia on the web.

While there are sites that have mentioned that the California license plate number for the limo in Die Hard is 1E49963, according to Google, no one had pointed out that there was a character in a TV show who had a car with the same license plate number.


What are the odds it’s just a coincidence that the Die Hard limo had the same number as Laura Holt’s Volkswagen in Remington Steele?

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5 comments on “Something Google Doesn’t Know”

  1. Helge says:

    I figure that plate will probably be found in other movies, as well. It\’s no doubt a plate used by an agency that provides cars to production companies for filming, and the plates are interchangeable similar to how dealer plates may be moved from one vehicle to another without a great deal of paperwork.

    • Except it’s not the same plate: one’s blue and the other is white. And after a little research, I’ve determined that the blue one could have been a real plate, but the white one could not because the white plates series started with 2, not 1. The white one must have been made by the props department, and either the number just coincidentally happened to match Laura Holt’s car (unlikely) or it was a deliberate match (although I suppose it’s possible it was a match to the same plate used in something other than Remington Steele.)

  2. Skar says:

    How the heck did you notice that, man?

  3. Well, I was watching a Remington Steele episode the other night (the one I took the screenshot from), and I saw the license plate number and thought, “Huh, that kind of looks like the plate number in…”

    Oh, who am I kidding? I did not recognize it at all. I saw the plate number and thought, “I wonder if license plate numbers in TV shows are the kind of trivia that people keep track of.” So I Googled the plate number, and references to the Die Hard limo came up, but not one reference to Laura Holt’s car.

  4. Skar says:

    I must say I am relieved that it was the second explanation and nothing like the first.