Writers of the Future 2010

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Last Wednesday, I began driving down to Hollywood for the 26th annual Writers of the Future awards ceremony.   I stayed overnight at Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino in Primm, Nevada, and paid the lowest amount I can ever recall paying for a hotel room: $13.60 (booked through Expedia.com). The room wasn’t fancy, but it was satisfactory. I drove the rest of the way the next morning.

I got the chance to hang out with friends I’ve made over the past six years since I went to my first WOTF awards ceremony as a published finalist: past winners, judges, and contest personnel.   One of my Utah writing friends, Brad Torgersen, was a winner, so it was especially fun to see him there. And it was great to meet all the new writers.

At the awards ceremony, they showed this video of interviews with past Writers of the Future winners. I’ve got a few lines here and there.

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6 comments on “Writers of the Future 2010”

  1. Angela Stone says:

    That was great to watch! Thanks for sharing. I especially loved the cheesy music. ;-)

  2. Audrey says:

    AWESOME!!! You look great on camera! (Well, in person, too!) That video gave me a much better picture and appreciation for what the award/event is.

  3. Marny says:

    Are there any new Utah authors we should be aware of for LTUE? (Besides Brad; he was great last time.)

  4. Marny, no new Utah authors, but there was a Utah illustrator: Tyler Carter. I’ll send you his contact information.

  5. David Erekson says:

    Thanks for sharing this. What a great way to celebrate creative achievement for the community of writers!

  6. Eric, the Writers of the Future experience was every bit as cool as advertised. I put up a big blog about it on Tuesday, after getting back home. Had a whale of a good time, and I think all 12 writers went away feeling like they’d been charged up and were ready to hit their writing goals. Hopefully all of us can score some successes in the near future.

    Thank you again for bringing the November 2010 issue of Analog. It was great fun being able to show it off a little and toot my own horn. I have bought out the B&N in Sandy and the one in Layton, getting copies for myself and family. And one for Joni too, since she wants those for the winner library. I wrote Stan and Trevor an e-mail this morning thanking them a whole bunch for the terrific presentation in the issue.

    Dean Smith’s article in the WOTF vol. 26 is right: this really is the greatest job ever invented. And it was super-fun being able to attend WOTF and see you and Dave Wolverton. I look forward to doing the September 25th double store signing, too.