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I’m a little late to the party, but I finally got around to seeing Inception on Saturday. A lot of people have been saying it’s the Best Science Fiction Movie Ever, and I’m not going to say they’re wrong — at least not to their faces, because I don’t want them to form a mob and shoot me full of holes. I’m mature that way.   But here, in the privacy of my blog, I will disagree.

I thought it was a very good movie with a cool premise, and I’d like to see it again.   But in terms of thought-provoking, smart science fiction, I don’t think it was as good as Gattaca or Serenity.

But there may be something wrong with me, because I have never thought a Christopher-Nolan-directed film was as good as the average evaluation of my friends.   This is probably my favorite of Nolan’s films, as I have an actual desire to see it again.   Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were pretty good superhero films, in my estimation, but of all the Batman movies I enjoyed Tim Burton’s Batman more. And in terms of comic book hero movies, I think X2: X-Men United is the best, and I’d rank X-Men, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2 ahead of Batman.

Meanwhile, although I thought Nolan’s The Prestige was very good, the main characters were so unlikeable that, having seen the movie and appreciated the twists, I didn’t really feel any desire to see it again.   I have not seen any of his other films.

If you haven’t seen Inception, I definitely think it is worth seeing, so go. And if you walk out of the theater saying, “Eric James Stone, you’re a fool for not thinking that was the Best Science Fiction Movie Ever…” Well, then you can thank me for helping you lower your expectations by not shooting me full of holes.

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  1. DoranBarton says:

    I wasn\’t bedazzled by it either. The premise was cool and the visual effects were impressive, but I found the acting to be flat and the editing was predictable and… well, TV-ish. I thought the editors could have done a lot with the transitions between the different dream-worlds/levels. Instead, they just did cuts. Disappointment there.

  2. While I enjoyed Inception–I’ve seen it twice– I wouldn’t call it the Greatest SF Film EVAR. It’s not even my favorite Christopher Nolan film, which honor goes to The Dark Knight.

    Still, it is, as you say, a very good flick, definitely much smarter than your standard film fare.

    I’m apparently a much bigger Nolan fan than you are. Even when he’s not as his best, the guy puts out movies get me excited about going to the movies. I gotta tell ya, that’s a vanishingly rare quality.

    Oh, and you should really see Memento sometime.

  3. Geoff B says:

    Eric, agree with you on all counts. I really didn\’t like \”The Dark Knight.\” Just found it ponderous and unwatchable.

    I liked \”Inception\” and will most likely get the blueray and see it several times, but I didn\’t walk out of the theater in love.

    Best science fiction movie for me EVER is the latest \”Star Trek.\” But to each his own.