August 2010 issue of IGMS

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The August 2010 issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show is now out.

The cover story, “Trinity County, CA” by Peter Beagle, is an exciting look at the life of dragon control officers in California, although the word “dragon” never appears in the story.

The Mystery of Miranda” by David Simons is a story I recommended out of the slush, about explorers going into the deepest crevasse in the solar system.

Forcing Coin” is by my Odyssey classmate William T. Vandemark. I liked an earlier version of this story at Odyssey, and it’s even better now. A mysterious visitor to a diner has a few tricks up his sleeve. I haven’t listened to the audio version yet.

The Quanta of Art” by Adam Colston is another I recommended out of the slush, about an art dealer forced by a mobster to evaluate a new artist.

How About It, Roomie?” by Chase Guymon is a brief horror story about someone who’s gone off the deep end.

There’s also part 2 of 3 of Orson Scott Card’s “Eye for Eye.”

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