"The Robot Sorcerer" now available

Published on November 13, 2008 by

InterGalactic Medicine Show issue 10 is online, with my story “The Robot Sorcerer.”  I think this is my favorite of my published stories.

I wrote the story at the Odyssey workshop last year (more details about the writing will be posted soon at the IGMS editor’s blog), and it contains an Odyssey 2007 class in-joke–a reference to a movie in the Bloodstained Clover series.

And I have to say that Nick Greenwood’s art for my story is fantastic.  (He’s the same artist who illustrated “Accounting for Dragons.”)

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3 comments on “"The Robot Sorcerer" now available”

  1. RoAnn says:

    This is a gem of a story, Eric. I hope it gets nominated for an award so that it gets wider circulation!

  2. Daniel Reynolds says:

    I thought the story was great. I didn\’t realize you had such emotional depth :)

  3. RoAnn says:

    I think Daniel Reynolds made a good point. The “emotional depth” shown in this story is one of the things that makes stand out for me as one of your best.