It wasn’t really so…

Published on May 9, 2006 by

Popcorn Popping is a new online literary journal for Mormon-related fiction. Today they published “Loophole,” a short story I wrote about a Mormon guy who finds out that… well, just go read the story. It’s free.

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5 comments on “It wasn’t really so…”

  1. Thanks for putting that up. A little short, but tightly written.

  2. I’ve actually been asked to expand it for an LDS SF anthology coming out later this year.

  3. Cpt. Sqweky says:

    That was a pretty good story. It was pretty funny.

  4. RoAnn says:

    Most amusing! Glad to hear that we might get to see an expanded version in the future.

  5. RoAnn says:

    I noticed that you received a nice kudo from Eloise Bell on BCC, in answer to your appreciation of her as a creative writing teacher.