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The August issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show has some fascinating stories — all of which I read as submissions and recommended to our editor. (It’s the first time that’s happened.)
  • Under the Shield” by Stephen Kotowych is an alternate history in which Nikola Tesla developed a death ray and a force shield. ‘Nuff said.
  • What Happened at Blessing Creek” by Naomi Kritzer is another alternate history, about conflict between white settlers and American Indians and how things might have gone with magic and dragons involved. (Hint: Still tragic.)
  • Of the full stories in this issue, “Second Chances Made of Glass and Wood” by Michael T. Banker is perhaps my personal favorite, about a little girl who’s lived her whole life in a doll’s body.
  • Old Flat Foot” by Ross Willard is the touching story of a robotic beat cop who has to decide what to do about his declining neighborhood.
  • Whiteface – Part I” by Jared Oliver Adams is the reason I qualified my statement about “Second Chances…” above: it’s only the first half of a heartbreaking story about a father and son whose roles in their tribe are determined by tradition and dyes.  The first half is worth reading on its own, and it’ll be worth re-reading when part two comes out in October.
Getting to read stories like these in the slushpile and have a hand in their publication is the reason I enjoy being an assistant editor for IGMS.

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