Poll: How do you primarily read ebooks?

Published on April 28, 2011 by

UPDATE: OK, I’ve fixed the problem that was causing the poll to fail.

What is the primary way you read ebooks?

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6 comments on “Poll: How do you primarily read ebooks?”

  1. DRC says:

    I used to use iBooks 90% of the time vs 10% Kindle app until I bought a kindle. Now it\’s more 40%/40% with 20% to Overdrive, the library ebook app. I prefer the layout of iBooks. Nicer typography. When I buy a full price ebook, it\’s for iBooks.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    Ease of purchase seems to do it for me. The majority of ebooks I own have come from BN. I’ve never had a standalone device. All my reading is done on my cell, currently a droidx.

  3. Rosalie Stone says:

    I’m a true Kindle fan, and passed my second generation Kindle to an adult daughter when I bought the latest device last year, and we share the account. I only occasionally read on my iPhone, which syncs automatically to my Kindle. Most of the books I buy now, I buy for my Kindle.

  4. Megan says:

    Computer? I have no fancy devices, don’t really like reading on the screen, adore paper and my local library, but I’ve been reading your book anyway because it’s so very good…

  5. Karen Smith says:

    Love love love my Nook. So much so that I just bought 2 for my kids, because I didn\’t like sharing. ;) (They went on sale on woot! for $99 for refurbished black/white versions.) It\’s a fantastic device, very very happy with the experience. Used to be I was 50/50 with paper books. Now i actively avoid reading paper books. I have an iPad too (big fat geek and technology worker here) and like it for the backlight in bed, but it\’s much heavier and feels more fragile to me, so majority of reading is on Nook, but maybe 20% on iPad, too.

    Husband reads books to the kids on my Nook (now one of theirs.) 9 year old has already finished one book on the nook, which he only received on Tuesday. I read mostly YA/middle-grade anyway, so the books in my nook library (all devices sync to the same library) are in his appropriate range. It\’s fantastic, love it. (love the UI/UX better than Kindle, too, FWIW.)

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