Bookmarklets by Eric James Stone

How to install bookmarklets: Click down on the link for the bookmarklet and "drag" it to your link toolbar, then release the mouse button. Or else right-click on the link and add it to your favorites. A security warning may pop up; just confirm that you want to add the link.

Online Form Utilities

Save Form: Saves most form elements that you fill in on a page as a cookie so that the next time you go to that page, you can use the bookmarklet below to fill in the form.
Fill Form

Cookie Utilities

PermaCookie: Goes through the cookies on a website and sets them to expire in the year 2103. (So it's not really permanent -- but check back here in 2102 for an updated version.) Can be used to leave yourself permanently logged in on sites that usually expire your login when you close your browser. Note: since this sets the cookies on the website root, rather than the page, you may need to exit your browser and come back. If you experience any strange side effects, you can use the CookieEater to delete the cookies.

CookieEater: Sets the cookies on a web page and a website root to expire in the past. Can be used to log out of cookie-based logins, clear out bad cookie info, etc.

CookieEdit: (Experimental) Lets you view and edit cookie data for a page.