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Earlier this year I wrote a story about an elephant that could paint the future. That story, “A Crash Course in Fate,” has been accepted into an anthology titled What Fates Impose.  As you can probably guess, the anthology is filled with stories about fate.  (My previously published story “A Great Destiny” has also been accepted as a reprint.)  However, the publisher is trying a “crowdfunding” business model with this anthology.  The anthology will be published (and the authors will get paid) only if the project’s Kickstarter reaches its goal of $5000. It’s already up to $1240 after only 5 days, with 27 days to go, but obviously every bit of support helps.  If you’re interested in reading my story (and others by authors such as Ken Scholes, Cat Rambo, Ferrett Steinmetz, Keffy R.M. Kehrli, and more), please consider pledging $10 to get the ebook or $20 to get the print book.  For the aspiring writers among you, there are rewards at higher levels that include manuscript critiques from award-winning authors.  Your pledge is only charged if the project as a whole manages to achieve its funding goal, so you don’t lose any money if the project falls short.)

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