Unforgettable: I’ve got bad news and good news

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The bad news is that I am going to stop selling the ebook of Unforgettable and serializing it on my site.  When I started this, I said it was an experiment in e-publishing.  And I’ve learned quite a few things from it, but there have been some unexpected developments that called into question one of my premises, so I’ve decided I need to shut down the experiment.

The good news is the reason why: Joshua Bilmes of the JABberwocky Literary Agency has advised me to stop selling/serializing the e-book, and I’m going to follow his advice because I’ve signed an agency agreement with him to shop Unforgettable.  Joshua’s excited about the book, and we both hope for news that will be exciting to share here with all of you.

The one major hesitation that I have about stopping the experiment is that I committed to you, my blog readers, that I would give you a chance to read the whole thing for free.  Joshua told me that my blog readers would understand why I need to take the best path for my writing career, but I don’t like the idea of going back on my commitment.  So, from now until the end of June, if you contact me and tell me you’re one of my blog readers who feels I need to keep that commitment to you, I will send you a link to read the whole thing for free.

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  1. […] Chapter 1 of Unforgettable is scheduled for release at 6:00pm Mountain Time on April 5, 2011, with subsequent chapters being released every week until the end of the novel. The complete ebook is currently available for Kindle, Nook and in other formats. Update: No longer available; see explanation here. […]