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Unfortunately, the night of the lunar eclipse, the sky was completely clouded over here.

However, the next night I went out and took some pictures of the moon using a tripod and the telephoto lens on my camera.  It’s not quite a telescope, but some of the images worked out okay.  For the ones I’ve uploaded here, I either cropped or resized the original 10 megapixel images down to 1600×1200 pixels.




For that last one, I used a "fireworks" setting on the camera, which gives it a long exposure.  But there’s no way the moon moved that much, so I’m not sure what caused the ghost image.

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3 comments on “Moonshine”

  1. Angela Stone says:

    Wow! Those are wonderful images. I had no idea your camera could capture that.

  2. Dave says:

    So beautiful! Reminds me to stop, step back, and look up more often.

  3. In a weird development, it was clear here and I got a good view of the bloody moon. But your pictures are pretty cool.